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General Purpose Castors Wheel

The general purpose castors are those which are made with the aim to enable the customers to use them on a wide range of objects without making major changes in their style. These general castors are made with such designs in mind which can be used on a variety of products.

We offer the general purpose castors wheel in different styles where you may choose from standard castors with nylon wheel and standard duty range castors wheel grey rubber tyre caster. You may also select th standard duty castor polyurethane tyred wheel casters which can be attached to any medium sized object.

These general purpose wheels are supplied in different types where you may choose the swivel general castors which can help rotate the objects in any direction. The fixed general castors wheel are also available which can be used to help move the objects in a single direction.

The general wheels are available in different materials where the nylon and plastic wheels are available. The frames are made from steel and iron where the frames with bolt holes or screws are available to help in attaching casters to objects. You can choose to have the general purpose castors wheel delivered to your desired address anywhere in the United Kingdom.